Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Oysterfest 2015


Photo by Eddie Price

Way back when, in the days before email and text messaging, there was the good old U. S. Mail.  Nowadays folks call it snail mail. . .

Two weeks ago there was a surprise delivery at Casa La Cottom.  An invitation from Brother Price to attend the March meeting of the Tree Top Flyers at Pond Branch Airfield. The menu promised South Carolina oysters and Beaufort stew. . .

If you can't fly, drive. . .  My bride and I were on the road by 10:45 Sunday morning.

Why drive when you can fly. . .  Three (out of four) early bird arrivals.

Here comes number five. . .  A left turn on to taxiway Alpha from Runway 11.

Number seven. . .  They made Alpha too.

Taxiway Alpha lineup. . .  Two Champs, a Baby Ace, a Rans S-7, and three Cessnas:  A 172, a 170, and Brother Price's 1950 140A.  Sorry, no pictures of the Cessna 182 and Piper Apache that were parked on the south side of Runway 11.

Oysters. . .  From Beaufort, South Carolina.

In the steamer. . .  Tree Top Flyer, Bo Fender, was manning the kettle.

Ready for consumption. . .  All up weight:  80 pounds.  They were quite tasty!

Beaufort Stew:  Red potatoes, corn on the cob, smoked sausage, South Carolina shrimp, and secret spices.  Tree Top Flyer, Randy Berry, was in charge of the stew.  It was perfect!

Tree Top Flyers. . .  Chowing down!

Outdoor dining. . .  The Pond Branch Airfield restaurant is a classy establishment.

My bride, Nancy Cottom.

They even have a courtesy car. . .

Eddie Price & Libby Berry

. . . and a desert menu!  I'm not sure who made the banana pudding, but it was fantastic!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Indiana Jones To The Rescue!

Thursday morning Brother Baker was the first to inquire: "You OK? News is saying a MD-80 went off the runway at LGA. . ."  That text message got my attention!  "Huh?  Not me. Got home last night."  Before I had a chance to turn on the TV, another message from Joe:  "It's on FOX and CNN.  And of course, Mary Schiavo has to chime in. . ."  I hit the remote; sure enough, there she was, jabbering away. . .  Then another message:  "Is Mark (Brother Hogan) home too?"   I replied:  "He's at his crash pad."

I followed the story for most of the afternoon---disconcerting, I know.  But when it's your company, and the airplane, that you fly---well; let's just say my threat level was elevated. Once I learned there were only minor bumps and bruises I probably should have turned the TV off, but I didn't.  CNN had the money shot:  A smart phone video of the snowy evacuation---folks were sliding off the back side of the right wing.  It was all quite orderly, all things considered.  But it does raise a few questions.  First: Who stops to take pictures when he (or she) is evacuating an airplane?  And second: Where do the TV news folks find their "aviation experts?"  Here's a thought to ponder:  Maybe it's the same person.
As soon as the news got out that Harrison Ford put his PT-22 down on a golf course in Santa Monica, California Thursday afternoon, the LaGuardia slip and slide story disappeared.  Bigger name on the other line. . .  And I'm OK with that (for obvious reasons.)  But I am sorry that Indiana Jones bumped his head.  That was a nice looking Ryan!

Internet Photo