Friday, October 24, 2014

Commando Update

Joe Baker, 2,000' AGL, 150 MPH.

Brother Baker has thirty-six minutes of C-46 time (and one grease-job landing) in his logbook!

To honor the occasion a reception is planned for mid week at Jellystone Air Park.  Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the Commando Zen Master tell his tale of Daring Do!  Space is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets early.  A sign up sheet for autographs will be posted on the hangar door.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Brother Baker Goes Commando!

It's not what you think. . .  Then again, maybe it is!

Tinker Belle & the Hatz, Monroe, NC.

Thursday morning I received a text message from Brother Baker.  It was actually a group text message---Brother Barbeau was included, as well.

Joe:  "Gonna check out Tinker Belle today.  They're doing a training flight.  I'll get some pix!"

Me:  "Are you included in the training?"

Joe:  "Probably not this time.  But. . .  I'll keep you posted!"

Me:  "Commando Joe!"  "As in C-46 Commando, for Gary."

Gary:  "I was in mid sentence."  "Does that mean he's not wearing underwear?  That can be chilly in the Hatz today!"

Joe:  "Nah, I am fully supported!  I appreciate the "support" from you guys, tho. . ."

The Tinker Belle is a 1944 Curtiss Wright C-46F Commando.  It is owned by the City of Monroe, North Carolina.  (I'm sure there's a story!)  Brother Baker was invited to ride the jump seat Thursday morning.  Here are a few pictures:

Joe Baker & Jim Zazas

The Luscombe crowd.  "No Wood, No Nails, No Glue!"

"Let me show you how we start this sucker. . ."

Departing Runway 23 at Monroe, NC.

Point it straight and lock the tail wheel!

Runway 24 at Lancaster, SC.

Keep it locked for landing. . .

"That was fun!  Let's do it again!"

I know what you are thinking. . .  That control wheel is so cool!

Jim Zazas & Alex Mello

Now it's Jim's turn. . .

"Where's the line boy when you need him?"

Time for a break. . .

The Tinker Belle, Lancaster, SC.

"Y'all gonna put that thing on a tie-down?"

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

2014 Fall Vintage Fly-In


Pick Freeman's 1946 GC-1B, Photo by Eddie Price

The Carolinas - Virginia Antique Airplane Foundation (EAA Vintage Chapter 3) hosted it's Fall Vintage Fly-In this past weekend at Woodward Field in Camden, South Carolina.  Dad and I were there for a few hours on Saturday.

They travel in pairs. . .

Jim Wilson's 1936 WACO YKS parked next to Bob Perkins' 1939 AGC-8.  This kind of style and comfort ensures a parking space close to the chow line. . .  "Ask any pilot!"

1936 in 2014.

You know you want one!

My latest obsession:

At Roxboro I drooled over Steve Roth's 1935 Fairchild 22.  Saturday I drooled over Buddy Wehman's 1939 Fleet 16B.  


Buddy Wehman

New Vintage. . .

Bob Coolbaugh arrived at 2 PM.  The blue and orange Pietenpol Air-Camper quickly drew a crowd---it could have been the Ryan NYP at Le Bourget. . .

I'm not sure if 40 lbs of stuff will fit in here.

The most important instrument is top dead center!

The Luscombe crowd. . .

Jim Zazas' 1946 rag-wing 8A.

Another '46 rag-wing 8A.  This one lives in Florence, South Carolina.

Vortex generators?

A beautiful 1947 8E.

Something zippy. . .

I did not speak with the owner, but the FAA says it's a 1976 Williams Monocoupe 90C with a Continental O-300 engine.  Experimental.  It looks like a lot of fun!

The Peanut Gallery:

Eddie Price, Chief Pilot & Airport Manager at Pond Branch Airfield.

His hound dog, Giddy.

Pop Cottom, Eddie & Giddy, and Don Schmotzer---the camera crew.

Pop with the Big Iron!

And finally. . .

. . . the chow line!